Saturday, August 26, 2017

It's all about FAMily

My family is everything. My husband and I are proud parents to two dancing daughters ages 6 and 11 (we just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary). Almost every weekend we are off on a different adventure. Last weekend, we went to Wonderspaces and we had the best time seeing, touching, and experiencing all the different exhibits...and being together!

As the owner of Songbirds Music, I love that all of our classes require parent/caregiver participate...being together.  Some days I have both parents, grandparents, aunts and cousins accompanying one child! It is a joy to see how much fun the family is having signings, dancing, and playing together and how happy their child is to have this special family time and experience. For weeks after, that family talks about how much fun they all had together in music class. 

Music is a wonderful way to bring people together. I have done several musical play dates in the park, library music classes, art and music classes, and workshops. I have often thought about composing a musical morning activity or some other type of intimate family friendly music event to use music to bring families together where just like in my classes, everyone can participate in their own way.

When my friend and colleague, Juliana, owner of Pachis, An Art Studio for Kids approached me a few months ago with the idea to create a family friendly arts event I was super excited to collaborate with her. This was it! The perfect partner with a matching dream space. And so FAM was created. We immediately got to work on this shared vision of families being together, experiencing art and music in a beautiful outdoor setting, and shaping a multi-sensory space where everyone can participate. I asked my own children what kids of activities they would enjoy at this type of event. Before they answered they said, "Can we come?" 

So thanks to my daughters, there will be a bubble area and drums in the garden. Best of all, they will be there with me! Yes, it is going to be a very busy day of putting everything together but I am excited that thanks to Scout, we have a beautiful space to work in, and Juliana and I can bring this vision to life on September 23rd at 9am.  I still get to spend the weekend with my family in our own wonder and wander space with art and music...being together.